The best drinks for a hot summer day

The best drinks for a hot summer day

Usually we hear that the best drink for a hot summer is still water. However, it is boring to always drink the same. Here is a list of beneficial drinks that are great for summer:

Milk. Cow and goat milk contains lots of nutrients and calcium which is easily absorbed by human body.

Cocoa. This drink tastes like heaven and it contains substances that slow down aging process and reduce the risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Tomato juice. It is considered to be a diuretic and also has bactericidal properties. Tomato juice contains large amounts of lycopene which helps to prevent cancer. It helps to combat depression and cardiovascular diseases.

Green tea. It contain lots of vitamins, trace elements and antioxidants. Green tea reduces sugar levels in your blood and increases metabolism.

Hot chocolate. It increases your body tone. Do not exaggerate with this drink as it has many calories.

Orange juice. It contains lots of vitamin C, stimulates your immune system and protects from developing cancer.

Grapefruit juice. It is great for people who suffer from hypertension, reduces levels of bad cholesterol and improves your appetite.

Remember that you should drink all citrus fruit juice using a straw in order to protect your tooth enamel.


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