The Denise Austin Diet


Over the last 25 years, Denise Austin has been known first and foremost for her expertise in fitness. She had a television show and has recently made her fitness programs available online. Not a long time ago Denise Austin took a step forward and supplemented her fitness routine with a diet component. Her credentials speak wonders: she has written ten books, sold countless videos, and was a member of the President’s Council of Physical Fitness and Sports.

The primary aim of this physically-active diet is to improve your health, body, and also your mind.

Basic Ideas

While the obvious goals of the Denise Austin program is weight-loss and fitness, an even more important goal is to instill a habit to lead a healthy life – this is required both to succeed in the program, and to succeed in these goals beyond the program. The Denise Austin program will provide you with a personalized diet and fitness plan, as well as mental exercises, such as learning how to deal with stress, and how to take care of everyday issues. While this is beneficial in more ways than one, in this case the point is to reduce urges to binge and overeat – a problem many simply can’t seem to deal with.

Even though the program does not give you the chance to work with real trainers, online help, including 15 tools, forums, message boards, are not in short supply.

Exercise Component

It is no surprise that the Denise Austin program has an essential exercise component. This should not necessarily scare away those, who think they lack the time – the fitness program is different for everyone, and can be customized for almost anyone’s needs. A large part of the fitness program are the Daily Dozen routines, which incorporate strength-training, toning exercises, yoga poses, and stretching moves. These can be focused in such a way as to address a particular “problem spot”. On those days, when you simply do not have the time to exercise, you can try one of the alternatives, for example, the 15-minute Body Blast.

The site offers an ideal weight calculator, as well as a weight tracker so you can see your progress as you move through the program.


The meal plans suggested by the Denise Austin program are also customizable and contain 1,400, 1,600, or 1,800 calories – the number depends both on your lifestyle and your goals. These meal plans were developed by Rachel Rodney, who is a renowned nutritionist, known for her South Beach Diet Online.

The basic idea behind these meal plans is a low-fat, fiber-rich diet. The plans also contain shopping lists, easy recipes, and other food suggestions. Much like with any diet, with this one it will be your responsibility to prepare your food.

The site provides a calorie counter, food log and weight tracker, all of which are beneficial, even though it will take time to learn to use them, as well as the using itself.


This program spells everything out for you, from food needs to fitness regimes. You will need to learn to count calories, and cook your own food. While there are a number of fitness options, it may take awhile to find several that are to your liking, requiring trial and error.


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