The Joy Bauer Diet


Joy Bauer is a well-known name in the world of weight loss: she has written several bestselling books on dieting, as well as cookbooks, and has become the nutrition expert on the Today Show. The Joy Bauer diet plan is the result of her work experience and education on nutrition.

Basic Ideas

The Joy Bauer diet was designed to make you look and feel extraordinary. It is broken down into four basic ideas, namely “Release, Relearn, Reshape, and Reveal”.

The first step, “Release”, lasts a week, and is basically the abandonment of bad eating habits. The second step, “Relearn”, is meant to instill proper eating habits, and the third one, “Reshape”, which is the longest step, is the reshaping of your body by following your “relearned” eating habits, and following a customized eating plan. The last step, “Reveal”, is a plan designed to maintain what you’ve achieved during the third step.

The program starts with the free diet profile, which will help you customize your diet. Afterwards, there are more than 15 tools to help you achieve your goals, these include the meal planner, food log, calorie counter, and weight tracker.

Exercise Component

They say a diet without proper exercise leads to nothing. In acknowledgement, the Joy Bauer plan provides a daily exercise plan, which requires 30-60 minutes of cardio work, which is later supplemented by interval training, as well as strength and stretching exercises, and, even later, additional strength and resistance exercises. This forms quite an intense weekly regime, which is bound to make you healthy and fit.

All in all, the exercise component in the Joy Bauer plan is good, but only if you have the time, since there is no personalization available.


The food part of this diet is quite easy to achieve: you will not have to count calories and nutrients. The only thing you’ll have to do is read up on the recommended meals and choose your preferences. The plan requires that you eat 3 meals a day and a snack in the afternoon, which is what most people normally eat anyway. If you still feel hungry at any time in the day, you are free to eat all the non-starchy vegetables you like – this is a great way to transition yourself into the diet.

The diet allows a lot of customization, and there is a lot to choose from: there are literally hundreds of recipes on the website, also, a team of nutritionists will help you in case something is missing.

Like pretty much any diet, the Joy Bauer plan requires that you plan, shop, and cook everything yourself. While this may be difficult for some, it is also the best way.


Once you read about the diet and understand the steps you are about to undertake, the diet is easy to follow. The customized menus, shopping lists, and support will help you transition from your current eating habits.


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