The Nutrisystem Diet


The Nutrisystem Diet program has been around for over 35 years, which is a testament to its effectiveness. The great thing about this program is the ease with which it can be followed: the food is provided and there is no counting of calories.

Basic Ideas

Nutrisystem has a total of eight separate meal plans, four each for men and women, which should address the needs of virtually anyone. The website will walk you through choosing a plan, creating your menu, and so on.

You can plan your meals, order your food, and track your progress on the Nutrisystem website. There is also support available in the form of community forums, newsletters, counseling, and e-classes.

Exercise Component

Nutrisystem does not include a fitness component due to the fact that it is purely based on nutrition. This does not mean that exercise is not necessary – weight loss always works better when diet is supplemented by exercise.


Most of the meals for this program is supplied by Nutrisystem. You can either choose your own food or order a pre-selected package. This does not come cheaply – it costs around $330 a month per person.

This diet is mostly suited for those, who lack the time to make their meals, but have more money than the average person.


Ordering food is easy online. Preparing the food requires little effort and there is no point system or calories to keep track of. The Nutrisystem food is portion controlled, providing you with the knowledge of what is good to eat. The plan also allows snacking and provides weight loss tracking tools for you to use on the Nutrisystem website.

While you do learn portion control and what constitutes healthy eating, you do not prepare the foods yourself, and once you go off the program, it may be more difficult to maintain the weight loss when preparing your own foods or defaulting to take-out or restaurant fare.


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