Three body cleansing diets

Three body cleansing diets

Mono diet

The essence of the diet is to choose one fruit or other product and eat only that for the entire week. Eating just one product you help your body to digest easier and then it concentrates on the overall reconstruction of the body. This is a great alternative for those who are trying to cleanse their bodies by starving for a few days. Even though you are allowed to eat just one fruit per day, it’s still better than nothing. A good option is apples or grapes as these fruits have lots of organic water which helps your body cells to clean up quicker. Try this diet after all major holidays, when most of us overeat.

Natural products diet

This diet is based on eating natural foods. You should avoid eating fried and processed foods. Natural foods contain all necessary nutrients, vitamins and fiber which help to strengthen your immune system. Avoid eating meat or eggs because you will have to cook them. Choose vegetables, fruits and fish instead. Eat nuts as they will help to maintain proper amount of proteins. Drink plenty of water. This diet will not aggravate your digestive system because it is composed of unprocessed foods. At the same time your liver will clean up. This diet is great after having parties when you consume alcohol.

Body cleansing juice diet

This diet includes naturally squeezed fruit and vegetable juices. Fresh juice contains enzymes that stimulate your body cleansing processes. Vitamins and minerals also rejuvenate your body. Too much red meat, processed food and polluted water produce toxins in your body. Fresh juice helps to restore the balance of acids and bases. Body cleansing juice diet will help to get rid of extra kilograms, strengthen your immune system and remove unwanted toxins from your body. Try this diet our after your holidays, if you allowed yourself to eat more than you should.



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