Tips for those who have headache

Tips for those who have headache

Headache is unpleasant feeling that all of us have experienced. So what to do to avoid this feeling.

1. Drink more water. A lack of fluids often causes headache. It thickens our blood and this way it’s more difficult to transfer oxygen to body cells.

2. Control blood sugar levels. Eat regularly. You should also eat food that contains magnesium.

3. Work out. Exercising in fresh air (jogging, swimming, walking, cycling, etc.) helps to prevent headache. Exercise at least three times per week for half an hour.

4. Avoid the sun. People suffering from headache usually are sensitive to light. The sun can warm up your body too much.

5. Eat well. Cheese, red wine, chocolate, nuts and pork can sometimes cause head headache.

6. Do cold compresses. They help to reduce discomfort.

7. Relax. Learn techniques that would help you to fight against stress. Start doing yoga.

8. Enjoy aromatherapy. Apply a few drops of mint essential oil on your temples and forehead.

9. Drink coffee. Caffeine improves blood circulation so your cells get more oxygen.

10. Straighten your neck. Awkward head position makes your muscles tensed and you can start having headache.



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