Tips that will help you to avoid spring allergy

Tips that will help you to avoid spring allergy

If you suffer from annoying spring allergy, you definitely know its symptoms, such as sneezing, runny nose, eye tingling and others. As soon as plants start to bloom, immune system starts protecting itself against everything what is foreign. However, in allergy sufferers, it responds little differently and too strong.

Typically, pollen enters the mouth or nasal cavity and additionally passes through the mucous membranes. Having come into the tissues, it meets with white blood cells that additionally begin to produce “weapons” – antibodies. When the pollen continues to get inside, body recognizes it and knows how to react without any delay. You may not feel any sign and symptoms of allergy in the beginning. However, allergy occurs when body becomes sensitized. The most difficult season for such people is spring, so we share some some tips for those people:

The main thing to remember is that you must find the thing that causes the allergy and try to avoid it in order to stop your body respond to this factor wildly. If you know what you are allergic for, plan your vacation in advance of 2-4 weeks to start the treatment with antihistamines or local anti-inflammation medicine. You should also contact your family doctor to get the most suitable medicine.

Some more tips:
• If you know that you are allergic, do not be in this area
• Avoid smoking
• When the weather is sunny or windy, wear sunglasses and avoid staying outside for a long time, because then there is the biggest dose of allergens in the air
• Ventilate the room only in the early morning or late evening when the pollen levels are the smallest
• When driving a car, shut windows
• After staying outdoors, change your clothes and shampoo your hair daily
• 50 % of patients suffering from allergy are not allowed to eat honey, because it has pollen.


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