Tips to boost your immunity

Tips to boost your immunity

As the weather gets cold, it’s time to think about your immune system. First of all you must know what factors lead to weak immune system. Daily stress, sudden change of temperature, poor diet, a lack of sleep, too much caffeine and bad habits are all making your immune system weaker and weaker. So what should we do to maintain good health?

1. Try spending at least some time outside every day. Choose a place with little or no traffic and other factors that cause air contamination. Enjoy the sun even when the weather is cold. It raises your mood instantly.

2. Walk as much as possible. You should do it every day at least for 2 hours. If you have kids, make sure they play outside sometimes. Walking helps to maintain your weight and also prevents from heart and vascular diseases. Breathe deeply when you walk.

3. Don’t get cold or too hot. Always choose proper clothes. Make sure your feet is always warm. If it happened to get your feet cold, soak your feet into a bowl with hot water and sea salt or have the bath.

4. Eat nutritious food that has enough of vitamins and try to balance your diet. Don’t eat too much. Eat an apple and yogurt for dinner. You will soon notice that when you eat less at night, you will feel more energy in the morning. Besides, your sleep will be more productive.

5. Dress in bright colored clothes. It is scientifically proved that color of your clothing greatly influences your mood.

6. Make sure to sleep well. Only when you are relaxed your body will be able to function properly, so try to give enough time for your sleep. You must learn how to rest after and make breaks in between your work.

7. Work out. Choose something that you really like. This can be even dancing. Doing sports and being active will definitely contribute to good health.


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