Top 5 products that will help you to lose weight in summer

Top 5 products that will help you to lose weight in summer

1. Cucumbers. They are low in calories and have lots of fiber as well as water. The researches made in the University of Pennsylvania have shown that salad that include lots of cucumber and lettuce can help you to reduce total intake of calories by 12%.

2. Mint. These aromatic leaves are great to use in drinks on hot weather as they have refreshing taste. One table spoon of fresh chopped mint will help you to feel satisfied even after eating 100 calories less then normally. Mint stimulates brain centers that are responsible for the feeling of satiety. One table spoon of mint contains 0.5 calories.

3. Avocado. Although it has more calories and fat than most of the vegetables (120 calories and 11 grams of fat), it contains mono saturated fat which are useful for our health. Avocado also contains vitamins A, E, D and K. they are also great to improve your digestion. Avocado helps to maintain the same weight after having a diet.

4. Zucchini. These vegetables are also rich in fiber and water. Researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia claim that they can reduce your appetite just like full fat yogurt.

5. Strawberries. It is a bomb of antioxidants. These berries are also very low in calories so they are the best friends of your waist. Strawberries contain lots of fiber that help to suppress your appetite.



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