Trying to be fit? Sleep!

Trying to be fit? Sleep!

We may guess that sleep has become a luxury for many of you but have you ever imagined that a good night’s sleep can improve your workout? Besides, after some studies made, doctors have also announced that regular exercise gives a positive effect when trying to fall asleep faster. And you will only need 20 minutes! Here are more interesting facts about sleep and its impact on your workout.

1. When planning to join strength or cardio training, you should make sure that you get 6-8 hours of sleep at least. Only then you will give enough rest for your muscles and get the best result from them.

2. If you want to avoid the lack of motivation for your workout, slower reaction and increase your exercise performance, sleep 6 hours per night at least. If you need to get up for your workout early in the morning, you should go to bed earlier to avoid sleep deprivation because it may also lead you to potential training accidents and injuries.

3. Though it sounds surprising, high-intensity workouts help to asleep easier because they cause human’s muscles to fatigue, sending dopamine, the hormone that helps sleep. So, to forget the problems of falling asleep, join interval training program on the treadmill, a group cycling class or circuit training.

4. And finally, to keep your body in the best shape, you should also be sure about your hunger hormone and the one that makes you full. According to doctors, plays one of the most important roles in this case because less than seven to nine hours a night makes people 75 percent more likely to be obese. So, the more sleep and rest you get, the more you can be sure that you will find strength to stop yourself before overeating.


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