Trying to get rid of weight? Dance!

Trying to get rid of weight? Dance!

It’s really hard to find the better sport than dance: this active workout speeds up metabolism processes, burns the calories and guarantees lots of good humor. Choose three the most calorie-burning summer dances that will easily help you to lose weight. You won’t need any diets – only a quick rhythm and the heels.


Our top-three starts with sultry, fiery and unfettering samba. There are two main types of this dance – you can dance it in couple or alone. Either in the first case or the second, you will learn the basic dance movements and will be capable to have a serious exercise. Samba dancing is a really easy task – it needs only your improvisation. Just like a classic aerobic exercise, samba seriously burns fat accumulation and trains the lower part of the body – after a moth of samba lessons you will see clear changes in your abdominal and diagonal abdominal muscles, hips and buttocks. Quick movements will also help you to get rid of cellulite.


Those who dream to lose weight specifically from the buttocks and legs, should try Latin American dance called jive. However, we must warn you that jive can be danced only if you have some experience in choreography and sports because newcomers may soon become powerless. Being one of the most complex dance, it trains all muscle groups and joints. It provides a significant workload for the heart, strengthens the legs and back muscles.

Tap dancing
If we compare tap dancing to jive, it may seem like a quiet walk but it is a wrong image. Sudden movements and fiery dance rhythms of this Irish dance are based on traditional circles, sharp and precise movements. However, note that it is a quite difficult dance that should be learned with a good teacher. It really helps to improve posture and strengthen the hips and buttocks muscles. Also, no one can deny the benefits of general exercise!


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