Trying to lose some weight? Drink milk!

Trying to lose some weight? Drink milk!

Though it sounds surprisingly, switching from the fruit juice to skim milk and drinking a glass of it every morning helps to get rid of some weight. In addition, according to doctors, skim milk is better than fruit juice because it helps you to eat less, gives the feeling of fullness and makes you satisfied until the dinner time! With a glass of skim milk every morning you will acquire essential dairy nutrients and will cut down the intake of saturated fat and cholesterol.

All these surprising facts have been discovered after the study made by Australian scientists who worked with a group of 34 volunteers – men and women who have problems with overweight, but have no complainants about their health. They agreed to take part in two test phases. During the first stage, volunteers were receiving a breakfast of 566 grams of skim milk (it’s about a half of package) and on the second phase they were allowed drinking the same amount of fruit juice. Nutritional value of these two beverages is the same – they both have 250 calories approximately.

After the breakfast, volunteers were made to wait for 4 hours until they were allowed to eat their lunch. During this time, people were rating their sense of security. After waiting, they finally were allowed to eat as much as they want to feel completely comfortable. After the time of monitoring it has been revealed that those who drink milk feel more full and satisfied! Milk drinkers got fewer calories with their lunch than those who drank fruit drinks. According to scientists, the reason why milk is a crucial product to be selected if a person wants to control his weight is the fact that milk gives a sense of fullness because it’s rich in protein and lactose.


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