Wanna lose weight? Change your approach!

Wanna lose weight? Change your approach!

If you want to lose weight, first of all you should radically change your approach to diet. Mind not what’s in your plate, but what’s in your mind. Have alook at these major diet rules and you will see that it’s much easier to achieve desired results than you thought.

All diets, no matter how effective they seem to be are misleading and cause a well-known yo-yo effect (all kilos than you lose, return quickly abd sometimes even more abundantly). The only way to avoid this is to change not what you eat but the way you think.

Eat what you want. However, not everything in a row. Choose products that you love the most. If you want a piece of chocolate cake, eat it, but don’t eat pizza on top of it. When we forbid ourselves to eat something specifically, our body experiences stress and that doesn’t help to lose weight efficiently. There are no forbidden foods, only foods that we should eat in moderation.

Moreover, diet products usually doesn’t make us feel full, so we eat more of them. So maybe it would be easier to eat a small portion of something that we really like instead of eating “what is healthy”? One portion of food should fit into two small handfuls. That’s exactly the amount that can be stored in our stomach.

Eat in moderation. Have your breakfast, lunch and dinner without any rush. And very important, until you feel full but not overeat. Eat only when you are hungry. We all know that snacks are the biggest enemies of slim body.

We often start eating when we feel stressed, anxious or exited. Besides, hunger is often confused with thirst. So how to distinguish thirst from hunger? Drink a glass of water. If the hunger disappears, it means you was only thirsty, if you still want to eat, it’s to have a snack.

Enjoy your meal. It’s another important condition. Concentrate on what’s in your plate while you’re eating rather than reading a book, newspaper or watching TV at the same time.



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