10 tips how to avoid gaining weight during Christmas

10 tips how to avoid gaining weight during Christmas

Winter holidays is the time when we all eat so much. Is there any secret how to avoid extra kilos? Here are 10 tips that will help you to solve this problem.

  1. Christmas time usually means that we will drink some alcohol. Unfortunately, it immediately affects our weight. If you want to avoid gaining weight, refuse alcohol at least for these days or set the amount of it that you can drink.
  2. Plan one active day during this festive period. If you can, instead of taking a car, go walking or exercise a little bit in the morning and at night. After work you can also hit the gym. Active day will help you to burn lots of calories.
  3. Forget the rule that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Make your breakfast very light, especially if you know that you will have lots of food for dinner. Choose some light yogurt or one boiled egg.
  4. Beware of buffet table. The more attractive snacks you see, the bigger the chance that you will get many calories. Limit yourself to 3-4 options and choose healthier snacks, like vegetables. Avoid sauces, crisps and cakes. You can eat a bit of that, but do not overdo.
  5. During the holidays we get lots of presents, including food. Put all such presents to one shelf where you will not see them all the time. Make sure you leave them untouched at least until New Year.
  6. Eat a little bit before going to visit some friends or family. Make sure you have healthy and light snacks, so you eat less once you are at their place.
  7. If you want to eat some cake, make sure you do not at its decorations and glaze. This way you will save about 60 calories.
  8. Instead of eating a lot, keep snacking. Make sure the portions of food you eat a small.
  9. If you are preparing some party, serve snacks only when your guests come. If you do it before, there is a big chance you will start snacking before your guests arrive.
  10. Choose lean meat for your roast if you want it for Christmas.

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