11 rules for those who want to lose weight

11 rules for those who want to lose weight

Our mood often depends on what we see in the mirror in the morning. If you like what you look, most likely, you will feel happy. For this simple reason, you should always try to stay in shape. Adjust the rhythm of your life in a way that you would always feel beautiful. Here are some simple but effective rules how to do it.

  1. Do not weight yourself too often. Losing weight takes time. If you weigh yourself every day and you will not see the results, it can reduce the desire to get rid of excess weight.
  2. Do not be too strict for yourself. You can eat almost everything but in moderate amounts.
  3. Do not watch TV while eating. Do not get distracted and try to feel the flavor of every bite.
  4. Be more involved in family life and social life. Many people eat because they are bored. Try to find some interesting activities to enjoy.
  5. Do not store food in a visible place. If you see food all the time, you will feel more hungry.
  6. Chew food thoroughly.
  7. Never miss your breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  8. After eating, brush or at least rinse your teeth.
  9. Make a shopping list before going to the store.
  10. Do not buy food when you are.
  11. If you feel hungry, first try to drink a glass of water Maybe you are just thirsty.

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