4 habits that slow down your metabolism

4 habits that slow down your metabolism

Get rid of these habits and you will increase the rate of calorie burning.

  1. Eating irregularly. The researchers have proved that eating at the same time every day, makes our body to burn more calories between meals. Make a daily menu and follow it strictly.
  2. Pesticides in products. Chemical pesticides can interfere with your body’s energy-burning processes and impede weight loss. Canadian researchers have found that people who were eating products that contain more toxins, have experienced higher than normal metabolic slowdown and they had more difficulties to lose weight. Always check the labels of the products you are buying.
  3. Not sleeping enough. Studies have shown that people who sleep less, burn less calories. Even worse, a lack of sleep also reduces the amount of energy that your body uses while resting. Make sure you have a strict schedule when you go to sleep and follow it.
  4. Eating too little. When you avoid products that have more calories, your body goes into starvation mode and slows down your metabolism because your body saves calories. To fix that, find out how many calories you need daily and if you eat too much – exercise.

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