4 reasons why you get the weight you lost back

4 reasons why you get the weight you lost back

Getting rid of extra pounds is not easy, but it is even more difficult to maintain your weight. Probably a lot of us have experienced what it means to get all or most of the pounds back. But why does it happen?

Calories and body mass

The calories that you burn are closely related to your body weight. Usually overweight people burn more calories. This occurs due to the fact that their body weight is higher and their body requires more energy to move. But if a person gets rid of overweight, it becomes more difficult to burn the same amount of calories. It is particularly important not only to work out, but also by adapt your diet. If you do not reduce the size of your portions, the weight will inevitably return back.

Lack of sleep

Sleep affects not only our well-being, but also our body lines. When a person sleeps well, he feels energetic, and the one who has a lack of sleep, will look for snacks more often to get extra energy. If you do not rest well, your body produces more ghrelin and less leptin. The first hormone awakens appetite, and the second one inhibits it.

Nutrition plan

If you have managed to get rid of extra pounds, it does not mean that you can start eating whatever you want. Every little sin will contribute to getting the weight back. The only way to maintain your body weight is a constant balanced and healthy diet. Healthy and nutritious products will help you feel more energetic, and guarantee a feeling of satiety, so reducing the portions will not be so difficult. If you like sweets, beware of healthy alternatives of sweets. A radical diet change is difficult, so start slowly, snack more often, take some time to search for healthy recipes and you will be surprised!

The same workouts

When day after day you are doing the same exercises in the same course, after a while your body adapts to certain exercises, and there is no challenge anymore. It is important from time to time to look for new exercises, so your muscles do not get used to the same load. You can simply choose a new combination of a warm up or combine different types of sports: running, yoga, swimming, etc. This way, exercising will also become much more interesting.



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