4 teas that help burn calories

4 teas that help burn calories

These teas will not make a miracle in a week or a month and you will not get rid of 10 kilograms. However, they have positive effect on your body, your health and help get rid of unwanted pounds easier.

Oregano and balm tea. Take 10 g of oregano and some balm leaf, pour 300 ml of boiling water, add lemon zest and heat on low heat for about 3 minutes. Leave the tea to cool down for 15 minutes. Drink it before your meals. This tea is recommended to drink for 10 days, then have 5 days break, because it is laxative.

Green tea. Additionally to its other positive qualities, green tea can help for those who dream of getting rid of a few kilograms. It promotes excretion of fluids from the body. Green tea has polyphenols which stimulate metabolism. It also lowers blood sugar levels, therefore, it controls your desire to snack. S

Ginger tea. Ginger tea is one of the most popular teas to lose weight. It is not only effective, but also very tasty. Slice some thin ​​ginger pieces, add water and cook for about 15 minutes. Then allow to cool to body temperature, stir in a little bit of honey and lemon juice.

Ginkgo biloba tea. Ginkgo biloba leaves contain substances that improve blood circulation, metabolism and stimulate brain activity. It relieves stress and desire to snack on sweets. It also gives energy.


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