5 ways to reduce your portions

5 ways to reduce your portions

1. Snack on schedule. Many people complain that their diet plans are being ruined by constant snacking. And you may have a temptation to snack on, not only because you feel hungry. A lot of people snack just to get a cozy break while working (for example, coffee with cake), to try something new (treats a colleague brought), and finally because of the need to eat before going out somewhere (thinking that for the next few hours you will not be able to eat). In this case, nutritionists recommend planning your snacks and eating them about every 3 hours. And do not forget that no matter how many snacks you have on your schedule, the total daily calorie amount should not change.

2. Slower – better. If you eat faster, you will not feel less hungry, but you will most likely overeat. Eating too quickly doesn’t let your body understand quick enough that you are already satisfied. So always take you time to eat, chew your food well and you will avoid overeating.

3. Avoid eating where you will not have limits. What do we mean? For example, a buffet, where you can put as much food as you want. This way people tend to put bigger portion and eat much more than they usually would.

4. A bite in your plate is not a sin. If you don’t feel like eating anymore, you don’t have to finish everything that is in your plate.

5. S size clothing – S size plate. Choose the right size plates. The bigger your plate is, the more food you will put to it.


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