7 products that reduce cellulite

7 products that reduce cellulite

Usually when we talk about cellulite we talk about what not to eat, for example, sugar, salt, alcohol, fried food, etc. This time we want to talk about what to eat in order to make your skin smoother.

Vitamin C. It promotes collagen production and improves blood circulation. The best sources of vitamin C are fresh and frozen parsley, black currants, red bell peppers, cabbages. You should know that vitamin C is not stable and you will lose 20-80 percent of it when cooking.

Beta carotene. It accumulates in subcutaneous adipose tissue and improves skin metabolism. You can find it in bright red and orange vegetables and fruits.

Selenium. It helps to absorb vitamin E, reduces inflammations and it is great to improve metabolism. The best source of selenium is fish, such as halibut, cod, perch, carp, tuna or trout. You should make sure you get enough of it, especially if you smoke.

Zinc. It stimulates collagen synthesis and it is involved in vitamin A metabolism. Zinc helps to maintain good concentration of vitamin E in your blood. The best sources of zinc are flax seeds, cashew, walnuts, sunflower seeds, oatmeal, and whole grain products.

Potassium. It facilitates waste removal from the cells. It can be found in many products, but it is the best to get it from plant-based products, such as white beans, apricots, peaches or bananas.

Copper. It helps to maintain normal blood composition. The best sources of copper are buckwheat, oatmeal, fish, various beans and nuts. Copper can be lost by sweating.


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