Are protein diets really that effective?

Are protein diets really that effective?

Protein diets have really become salvation for those who like to eat. It seems to be quite a healthy option as you can eat as much as you want without gaining weight. But is it really that healthy and how do protein products really work?

Protein diet doesn’t mean you will be eating just meat. Even Atkins diet suggests that protein should make one fourth of all the food that you eat. Actually protein products in such diets are severely restricted from 10 to 35 percent.

Lately High-Protein diets are becoming more and more popular. They quickly increase the mass of your muscles and make you lose weight. You can mainly eat meat, soy, peanuts and vegetable proteins. The lovers of this diet believe that such diet increases metabolism, promotes effective weight loss and allow you to feel full quickly.

Are these diets healthy? That is a good question. Extension researches are not done yet and there is too little time for that to see the long term effects. High protein diets reduce consumption of carbohydrates which can lead to a lack of certain nutrients. Besides, such diets usually recommend eating red meat and pure dairy products which are rich in fat and that can lead to heart diseases. Therefore, nutritionists recommend getting your proteins from fish, chicken, veal, lean pork and low fat dairy products.

Protein diet is forbidden for those who have serious liver problems and diabetics. However, it is perfect for people who work out a lot and want to lose weight. Keep in mind that protein diets are quite expensive and you have to cook a lot.


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