Detoxify your body with lemon diet

Detoxify your body with lemon diet

A lot of well-known diets do not work for those who have decided to cleanse their body. Most of them are very complicated and they are difficult to follow. However, you should know that there are more simple diets and you can try cleansing your body with a help of lemon diet.

If you decide to follow a so-called lemon diet, unlike the name describes, you will not only eat these acidic fruits. Actually you will be able to eat a lot of meals. All you have to do is to remove simple carbohydrates from your menu. You will have to eat one lemon together with each meal you have. You cannot add any sugar.

You probably already know that lemon juice can melt fat. Those who followed lemon diet can confirm: it is not quick diet, the weight is dropping slowly, about 5-7 kilograms per month. However, you will feel light and you will be able to continue with your diet as much as you want. However, you should keep in mind that your body can get used to this diet and the effect will not be the same. So you have to make breaks.

Lemon diet

As already mentioned, you will have to refuse products with simple carbohydrates. These are: sugar, sweets, sweet fruits, such as bananas, grapes and so on. Also forget about high fat foods. Eat low-fat products, refuse red meat, bacon, hams etc.

Eat 4-5 times a day, approximately equal portions without overeating. If you eat any meat or fish sprinkle some lemon juice on top of it. lemon juice should be the only dressing of your salads too. Drink tea with lemon. In the morning drink a glass of warm lemon juice diluted with water.


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