Does water help to lose weight?

Does water help to lose weight?

The importance of drinking water is known for a long time. However, the discussions about what water to drink and how much still do not stop. Obesity has become epidemic, and each person has to find his own way how to lose weight. However, water can help everybody.

How much water do you need? It is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of water daily. The easiest rule to calculate how much water you need is to know that 450 grams of body weight requires 15 ml of water.

Why do we need to drink water? If our body lacks water, the kidney may start forming stones and toxic substances can start accumulating in our blood. Water is important for brain , heart and muscle functioning.

How water can help in losing weight? People often confuse thirst and hunger and instead of drinking they start eating. It is recommended to set hours when you have to eat and in between them, drink water if you feel hungry. Water is also very important in the process of metabolism because a larger part of it takes place in a liquid medium. If we do not have enough of liquids, metabolism starts slowing down.

Water and working out. May people who want to lose weight, start exercising. In this case, it is recommended to drink more water (couple of glasses). Drink some water before your work-out, have little sips during the work out and drink a bit more after finishing exercising if you want. The same applies for summer time as we may sweat more if the weather is hot.


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