Fruit and vegetable cocktails that will help you to lose weight

Fruit and vegetable cocktails that will help you to lose weight

Researchers have analyzed some productstofind outwhich of them can reallyspeed up the metabolismandalso contribute toweight lossprocess.

Spinach and carrots took the first place, according to the researches. So your day should begin with orange and green. You can make salad or juice, and don’t forget to add a splash of olive oil.

Green tea took a second place. This drink not only tones, but also quickly burns fat cells. A cup of green tea without sugar is a great drink after a workout.

Grapefruit takes a third place. Drink grapefruit juice every day, and you will soon see the results.

Mint and ginger are sharing a fourth place. They have healing properties which are known since ancient times. The researchers found that the combination of mint and ginger is a very good fat cells destroyer. To speed up the metabolism, it is recommended to drink ginger and mint tea.

And here are a few other great combinations to add to your diet if you want to lose weight:

Carrot, ginger and apple strengthen the immune system;
Apple, cucumber and celery prevent cancer, lower cholesterol, eliminate headaches and stomach pains;
Tomato, carrot and apple improve the color of the skin and fights against bad breath;
Spicy pepper, apple and milk prevents the emergence of bad breath and knocks down body temperature;
Orange, ginger and cucumber improve skin color, and moisturize it;
Pineapple, apple and watermelon removes all accumulated salts, and provide all necessary substances for your bladder and liver;
Apple, cucumber and kiwi improve skin color and irrigation;
Pear and banana adjust the amount of sugar in the blood;
Carrot, apple, pear and mango warm up the body, increase resistance to toxins, lower blood pressure and improve overall condition of the body;
Grape, watermelon and milk contain vitamins C and B2, which accelerate cells activity and increase body’s immunity;
Papaya, pineapple and milk are a great source of iron, vitamins C and E, which give your skin a healthy color and improve metabolism;
Banana, pineapple, milk – vitamins and useful materials enriched cocktail improves wellbeing, prevents constipation.


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