Protein diet. -7 kilos in 10 days


The essence of this diet is you can only eat foods high in protein and vitamins. No fat and carbohydrates.

It is prohibited to add sauces and dressing (tomato sauce, mayonnaise, oil, sour cream), you will also have to restrict salt intake. Protein and vitamin are dining alone.

You can only drink mineral water or plain and unsweetened tea. It is strictly prohibited to add any other drinks (soft drinks, juices, alcohol).

THIS diet allows us to eat 6 times a day, so you will not feel hungry.

Protein diet daily menu:

8.00 – two boiled eggs (protein);

10.30 – one grapefruit (vitamins);

13.00 – 200 gr. steamed low-fat meat (protein);

15.30 – two apples (vitamins);

18.00 – 200 gr. steamed fish (protein);

20:30 – one large orange (vitamins).

Instead of eggs, meat or fish, you can use other protein products, like low fat cottage cheese, cheese, poultry, etc. You can also replace your fruits with vegetables such as beets, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers. You can lose 5-7 pounds in ten days. However, please be careful and watch your body’s reactions, because this is a very strict diet.


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