Tea diet

Tea diet

Tea has so many benefits that it can replace many medications. Remember what you drink when you get cold. That’s right, tea. What do you drink when you feel nervous and want to calm down? Again – tea. People who care about healthy lifestyle live green tea. Nutritionists also include tea to various diets. And it is not only famous pu-erh tea which is known to increase metabolism and help to combat obesity, but any kind of tea.

People who like tea diet claim that it is quite a gentle way to lose weight. There are no strict rules and it is only important to drink at least 2 liter of tea, preferably green. You can also eat lean meat, eggs, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. The only sweets allowed – dried fruits and honey.  You cannot eat any products that include flour, fat products and you have to completely refuse salt.

You should follow this diet for about one month. However, if you get used to drinking this much of tea every day, you can extend it for a longer period of time. In the first two weeks you can lose about 3-4 kilos.

It is a very simple diet that does not require cooking anything special and you will not feel hungry. Compared to other diets, tea diet includes good amount of various nutrients and vitamins. Green tea also contains many vitamins, more than some fruits and vegetables. Tea diet can improve condition of your teeth and gums. However, if you want it, you should drink only green tea.

Green tea also lowers cholesterol level, it improves functioning of your stomach and gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys. It is a great way to cleanse your body from toxins too.


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