The most common consequences of strict diets

The most common consequences of strict diets

We often care too much about how many pounds we will lose and we don’t think enough about the consequences of a strict diet. After all, some diets can help you lose 5-6 pounds per week, however, how much does it damage our health?

Digestive tract disorders. You may have noticed that every time you follow a strict diet, you have such problems as bloating, heaviness in your stomach and constipation. “Hungry days” often lead to pancreatitis and gastritis. If your stomach does not receive food, it can start digesting its lining.

Metabolism is slowing down. This happens when you restrict calorie intake. According to nutritionists, the “normal” weight loss (so that the body would not feel anything) is when you lose up to 1 kg per month.

Lack of energy. If you follow strict diet, your mood can get really depressing. You may also feel apathy, have headache, fatigue, insomnia and other problems.

Strict dieting may affect our appearance. This is a paradox. Usually people decide to follow a diet in order to look better. However, strict dieting can lead to sag skin, wrinkles, brittle nails and hair loss.

Rapid weight gain. The so-called “Yo-yo” effect is well known to all who have ever tried strict dieting. You can easily gain all the weight you lost.


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