What do we lose when dieting?

What do we lose when dieting?

The fact that a diet is ineffective is just one possible unpleasant consequences of it. Losing one or more kilos may also mean losing much more valuable things like losing a pleasure of eating. Here is a list of thing that we may lose when dieting.

  1. Overeating by the end of the day resulting in a strong sense of guilt. The study has shown that 49% of people who are on diet tend to overeat.
  2. Self-doubt when choosing what to eat. Every diet makes us trust less in our body and food. We also don’t trust in hunger and satiety anymore.
  3. Declining period of dieting. The more often we are on diet, the less we are able to do it properly.
  4. Last dinner. Before going on a diet, a lot of people overeat, saying that they want to enjoy what they like for the last time. This overeating can last one or even few days. After that, first we need to diet to get back to our previous weight.
  5. Social isolation. Since almost every time we meet our friends, we eat something (parties, going out, coffee time, picnics, etc.), it becomes easier to refuse any invitations just because we don’t want to eat.
  6. Slower metabolism. Dieting leads to slower metabolism, as our body starts saving every single calorie it receives. So we may gain more by eating the same.
  7. Excessive consumption of caffeine. Sometimes coffee and energy drinks are the only way to survive the day. Caffeine may tone and kill the hunger, but it also causes irritability and even greater desire to eat.
  8. Eating disorders. Some people may develop serious eating disorders, like anorexia nervosa or bulimia.



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