Weight gain can be caused by eating fast

Weight gain can be caused by eating fast

Have you ever thought about the connection between eating too fast and gaining extra pounds? If after eating you can’t remember the taste of the food, you should because it can be definitely said that you eat too fast without feeling any pleasure to your food. For getting out the truth, researchers from the University Hospital Coventry and Warwick University have started the study which relies on the most advanced technologies. They expect to better understand how different food, sports, medicine and sleep can change our weight.

Their first experiment is to figure out how the change in eating speed can be related to our appetite. Each of the dozen of participants has already spent two days in the laboratory which is the air-tight room, helping to accurately determine how much energy burns the person when he eats. On the first day of the experiment, participants were asked to eat their lunch in 10 minutes, on the second day – in 20 minutes, on the third day of the experiment – in 40 minutes. Trying to control the speed of eating, the researchers were giving only small servings, like one-bite sandwiches, every 5 minutes. In addition, participants were allowed to eat as much as they want in the evening. This is done for checking how fast eating determines our appetite in the future.

As a result, participants who were asked to eat their food slowly, didn’t eat as much food in the evening as those were asked to eat their lunch in 10 minutes for example. Similar studies, conducted in Japan, showed that slow eating reduces our appetite and decreases the risk of diabetes. Researchers offer the conclusion that after starting to eat more slowly, eventually you may lose some weight because you can enjoy the food.


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