What are the biggest mistakes of getting rid of cellulite?

What are the biggest mistakes of getting rid of cellulite?

The main cause of cellulite is the stagnation of fluids between the cells. There are numerous ways said how to get rid of cellulite. However, sometimes they are misunderstood. In mist cases, women do these mistakes:

1. The use of diuretics
Working just like such foods as watermelon and coffee, diuretics are not capable to reach the extracellular space. They only remove the water from the cells and thicken the blood. The bast way to remove fluids from the extracellular parts is bath or anti-cellulite massage.

2. Absolute refuse of salt
The biggest problem is the overtake of salt, so you should simply make sure that you don’t get more than a teaspoon of salt a day. It is better to take the salt, which is lower in sodium and higher in potassium levels. Of course, too much off sodium keeps the fluid in the body, so do not eat smoked, canned, salted products which contain 5 -10 times more salt than the acceptable daily intake.

3. Promoted tools
Most of commercials say that body isn’t capable to remove toxins. However, liver and kidneys remove most of them. The most important rule is not to overload them with food and toxins. If these parts of the body can’t cope, no “cleaning” medications will help. You should visit your doctor then.

4. Sweet wines, alcohol cocktails, liquor
These drinks are liked by cellulite because they prevent liver from toxins removal. Only 1-2 glasses of dry wine are recommended during a weekend if you want to stop cellulite.

5. Smoking
Nicotine prevents oxygen from entering into the cells what additionally stops metabolism processes, including the removal of fluids and toxins from the body.


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