What causes food allergies?

What causes food allergies?

Many people are more or less allergic to certain foods. Did you taste a spicy food and your nose starts running? Maybe you feel discomfort in your stomach when you eat beans or suffer from headache after one glass of wine? This means that you have a higher sensitivity and intolerance to certain foods, but such reactions are not caused by immune system.

Allergy to food is quite a different thing. It’s a reaction of your immune system to the food that has caused allergy. The symptom s of allergy are various – from skin rash or itching to much more complicated allergic reaction which is called anaphylaxis and may pose risk to your life. People who experience an anaphylactic reaction to food should always have epinephrine injection.

According to some minor allergy symptoms , it is difficult to determine exactly which food caused your skin can break out, you may feel tingling, eczema can occur, etc. It may also cause nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Food allergies can also cause symptoms that are common for hay fever such as sneezing, runny nose and itchy, watery eyes.

Almost all food products can cause allergic reactions, but these products are most likely to result allergy:

• Milk (especially for children)

• Eggs

• Peanuts

• Tree nuts (like walnuts and pecans)

• Soy

• Wheat

• Fish

• Shellfish (oysters, crabs, etc.).

In order to prevent allergies you should avoid this kind of food. But it’s not always easy to do: often milk, eggs, nuts or other ingredients are in foods. For example, various bakery products such as cakes or biscuits containing eggs and / or nuts.



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