What determines the appearance of grey hair?

What determines the appearance of grey hair?

Even though it is difficult to accept, but sooner or later each person starts having grey hair. Everyone gets it at different age. Usually it starts after you turn 35, but there are even people of 20 years old who start noticing grey hair. First of all, gray hair are influenced by your family members and if they have grey hair or not.

Hair also starts getting older because of stress also if you do not rest properly. The growth of grey hair can also be accelerated by anemia and deficiency of vitamins in your diet. If grey hair is determined by heredity, there is nothing you can do. However, if grey hair starts growing for some other reasons, there is a chance to change something. First of all, start taking B group vitamins and don’t forget about folic acid. If you sart taking a proper care of your first grey hair, you can actually see very good results and eventually your hair can go back to its natural color.

If you want to get all necessary vitamins pay attention to your diet. Don’t forget about the products that have lots of trace elements and B vitamins. So eat beef liver, kidneys also you should eat yeast. Don’t forget various herbs, oats, buckwheat, bran, wheat germ. You should also drink milk, eat cheese, fish, while grain bread, avocados and bananas.

Besides, you should cover your hair when you are in the sun as it has negative effect on your hair. This is not only a protection for your hair but also a protection from sunstroke. Take care of you hair and you will be able to enjoy their beauty for longer.



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