What drinks will heat you up?

What drinks will heat you up?

When weather is cold and cloudy, there is nothing better than a cup of hot tea. However, this is not the only drink that can warm up. 

Tea helps us to wake up in the morning, decreases fatigue and strengthens blood vessels. Those people who regularly drink tea can boost their memory, because it contains substances stimulating the process of memory. However, tea, just like the coffee, stimulates our nervous system, so people suffering from insomnia, hypertension or other cardiac disease should limit their tea intake and drink no more than 4 cups of tea.
Tip. Black tea should be brewed in hot, almost boiling water. Tea leaves should be additionally left for few minutes. In the meanwhile, green tea should be brewed in water of 70 Celsius. 

Caffeine stimulates human’s nervous system, brain function and improves its performance. It also contains iron, iodine, magnesium and phosphorus.However, if you missed your meal, coffee will increase stomach acid and will disturb the absorption of vitamins in your body. Another bad thing about coffee is that caffeine removes from the body calcium and prevents its absorption. That’s why doctors recommend drinking coffee with milk or cream.
Tip. To reduce the caffeine content in freshly ground coffee, add boiling water and then re-boil coffee. This will save coffee aroma and will reduce the amount of caffeine.

Cocoa drink
Cocoa is rich in antiseptic substances, so its drink prevents the formation of dental plaque. This drink has serotonin which is also called the hormone of happiness. Yet it also has been also reported to have powers to give a feeling of falling in love and contain melanin, which protects the skin from harmful sun rays. However, cocoa is should not be used by people with kidney disease and gout. For those who are dieting, it should be remembered that the cocoa drink is rich in calories.


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