What else can harm your teeth?

What else can harm your teeth?

We all know that coffee, red wine, and black tea are not the best things if you want to have a beautiful smile. After using these products, you should always brush your teeth or get some chewing gum. But did you know there are more things that harm our teeth that you never thought of?

Swimming pool water. This water contains chlorine which increases vulnerability of teeth, makes them weaker and increases tooth decay. A better option is to choose swimming pool with sea salt water. Salted water is actually even beneficial for teeth and has antibacterial properties. If you go to the swimming pool that has chlorinated water, don’t forget to brush your teeth after that.

White wine. Not only red wine, but also white wine is bad for your teeth. High acidity of white wine destroys teeth enamel and makes them thinner. It can also cause micro-cracks. If you drink wine, drink some water or eat some bread. This will reduce acidity and protects enamel.

Berries. Berries are very good for your health, however they can harm your teeth. Berry juice can change the color of your teeth as their pigments are really strong. You should eat berries only using your fron teeth. After that eat a carrot or an apple. Make sure your toothpaste contains silicon dioxide, which removes stains.

Lemon. There are lots of articles telling the ways to naturally whiten your teeth. Never use lemon for that! It will make your enamel thinner and this way it will accumulate colorful substances. Soon you will notice that your teeth became even darker than they used to be. However, lemon is useful for its vitamin C. Just don’t forget to drink a glass of water after that.



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