What food sends your stomach STOP signals?

What food sends your stomach STOP signals?

Problems with stomach, bloating and generally bad feeling after eating – what is it? Did it happen accidentally or is it some kind of punishment for you because you ate something you shouldn’t? Good digestion often depends not only on what you ate but also on some external factors, for example, your physical activity or emotional state before, during and after eating. However, at first you should pay attention on your menu and check if you ate something that creates problems to digest properly.

Reaction of your body to various products can be different. Some people do not tolerate certain products at all, for others they are the source of energy and power. For example, sea food is a delicates for some of people, but for others it’s a straight way to feeling sick. This reaction is individual and usually a person can foresee it.

An important aspect of food combining is not only which products are compatible with each other. It’s also essential to pay attention what we drink after eating, how often we eat, etc. There are three rules distinguished:

1. Meat, eggs and fish are quite heavy food rich in protein. It’s a bit more difficult to assimilate these products, so it is recommended to not drink any liquids and don’t eat sweets after eating meat, eggs or fish. The best match for meat is vegetables. Then take a break of 2 or 3 hours before eating something else.

2. Vegetables, nuts bread, pasta are combined of complex carbohydrates so they are assimilated quite easily. However, it is not recommended to combine them with sugar. Before eating something else, it is also recommended to take a break at least of 2 hours.

3. If you want to refill your energy resources, you need fresh fruits. Fruits are assimilated the easiest. They contain enough of sugar. You should eat fruits in between your main meals. It’s not recommended to use any extra sugar with them so don’t think about eating, chocolate, candies or cake straight after eating fruits.



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