What is a really healthy food?

What is a really healthy food?

Among thousands of different foods, it is difficult to choose one that is really healthy for you. In order some food could be called healthy it has to be nutritious and to meet some other criteria. This criteria helps to understand why some foods that at first sight looks quite healthy cannot be included to the list of the most healthy foods.

First of all, the food has to have some essential nutritients that guarantee optimal health. Nutritiency is determined by comparing nutritients that food contains with the number of calories. The more nutrients it has and the less calories, the more healthy food is concidered to be. Additionally, it has to include vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals and fiber.

It might sound strange but the healthiest foods must be well known to local people. No matter if it’s fruit or vegetables, meat or fish it has to be familiar to most of people. In this case, you are aware of what you are eating and this makes you fell much better and much more confident.

Another important thing is for food to be easily available in your closest stores. It means that the product must be easily found by anyone who is shopping and once again to be a common food for the area it is found at.

Healthy food has to be not processed or if it’s processed, it cannot be highly procesed and contain artificial ingrediants. Pay attention to the labels saying “Ecological”, “Originally grown”since they, most of the time, emphasyze not only foods value to a human being but also shows respect and suppots to our planet.

Remember that healthy food has to taste good, otherwise, you will not enjoy the feeling of eating and becomes just a part of your rutine. As long as you eat tasty food, you feel happy and your body cannot complain about getting a wrong thing,


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