What is effective and what is not if you want to lose weight?

What is effective and what is not if you want to lose weight?

If you don’t want to turture yourself with all kinds of diets, you need to use some tricks in order to lose weight. However, some of the tricks are just myths that do not bring any benefits. So what is effective and what is not?

Body cleansing cocktail

Ineffective. One of the most popular cleansing cocktail is lemon juice with honey and cayenne pepper. It cleanses you body, but it is not a substitute for food. None of its components makes you lose weight quicker.

NO to white bread and bakery products

Effective. Refined food, such as white flour and sugar reduces the amount of vitamins and minerals in your body. Besides, it contains lots of calories. So refusing white bread and bakery products is one of the healthiest and best ways to lose weight.


Effective. Replacing one portion of food with a glass of milk can accelerate weight loss. Proteins (with low-fat) helps to extend a feeling of satiety.


Effective. Lots of different spices accelerate metabolism.

Juice instead of food

Ineffective. Although replacing most of the food with juice can make you feel that you lost some weight at the beginning, it will not give long term results. As soon as you go back to eating solid food, all weight will come back.


Effective. Breakfast accelerates metabolism for the entire day and help to prevent hunger. Have a cup of yogurt with fresh berries and a bit of cereal and you will see the results very soon.



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