What should you remember to avoid food poisoning

What should you remember to avoid food poisoning

Summer … For most of us this word associates with pleasant things, such as holidays, weekend trips by car or bus, camping and recreation in nature. The fact is that such active way of life makes us forget the rules of the right food preparation, following all hygiene recommendations and right conditions of products’ storage. Well, that may result not only in more frequent visits to the toilet but unexpected visits to the hospital as well!

According to infectious disease experts, gastrointestinal disorders result in such syptoms: pain in the stomach, bloating, vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. However, people may complain about ailments because of other factors, not only because of infections – changes (for example, travel time), the imbalanced diet, dehydration, eating more food than usual, eating high-fat foods can also initiate stomach pain. These symptoms should disappear in one or two days, after drinking plenty of water or other fluids.

Some people’s habits can also disrupt the normal work of our digestive system. It may alert about too active way of life, stress, overweight, regular use of laxatives, too much fried and greasy foods, smoked foods and meat products, too big consumption of alcohol, drugs (aspirin and  drugs containing corticosteroid are esespecially harmful for our stomach and can interfere with digestion.

So, it is important to know when preparing for the trip:

~ The safest way to transfer food is using a refrigerator or a bag filled with ice cubes;

~ Without refrigeration, is not advisable to take to a trip meat, salads, crepes stuffed with meat, foie gras, steamed or grilled meat and fish products, sausage, cream and other dairy products;

~ On a trip, it is advisable to choose bread, bacon, smoked sausage, ham, tomatoes, cucumbers, fermented or processed cheese, biscuits, cereals, pasta, nuts and raisins.


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