What to eat when it’s hot outside?

What to eat when it’s hot outside?

According to the doctors, when the weather gets hotter, many people complain about impaired digestion. So what food should we eat if the sun got really hot outside?

Less food, more fluids.

When it’s hot we should drink more than we eat. According to nutritionists, when the temperature increases by 10 degrees, we should reduce the amount of calories by 5-10 percent. That means that the best thing to do it to eat products that have less calories, for example, cold soups.

The best drink during hot days is fresh water. Make sure it’s not too cold, because ice cold water makes you even thirstier. Do not drink any sweet drinks. Instead of beef or pork, choose poultry. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Instead of eating ice cream, make some fruit salad with cold yogurt.

Summer rules for your refrigerator

Remember that during summer, food products tend to ferment quicker. To protect your digestive system, follow these rules.

Vegetable salad can stay in the fridge for 48 hours. However, by this time they will change their taste. So make sure to eat salad immediately after you cook them. If your salad includes eggs, meat, seafood, you must eat them in 24 hours.

Usually, the expiration date of milk is indicated on the package. However, if you forgot to put it to the fridge and it stayed in a room for a few hours, you shouldn’t drink it. Meat and fish can stay in the fridge for 12 hours. However, if it stayed in room temperature for 4 hours or more, you shouldn’t eat it.



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