What will help to lose weight?

What will help to lose weight?

If you do not intend to follow a diet but still want to lose some weight, you can use simple tricks to improve your menus. So, what works and what doesn’t?

Juice instead of food

No. Although at the beginning when you drink juice instead of eating, you lose a few kilos, later, when you start eating solid food, you get all those kilos back.

Body cleansing cocktail

No. One pof the most popular body cleansing cocktails – lemon juice with honey and Cayenne pepper. It cleanses the body, but it is not a replacement of food. Besides, none of its constituents speeds up slimming.

Raw vegetables

Maybe. Most vegetables are low in alories, so they can change other meals to lose weight. But it all depends on what raw food you choose. Seeds and nuts will make you gain and not lose weight.

No white bread and bakery products

Yes. Refined foods like white flour and sugar, reduces vitamin and mineral reserves in your body, in addition, they have lots of calories. So refined flour refusal is perhaps the healthiest and quickest way to lose weight.


Yes. Recent studies have showed that a glass of milk in stead of one meal can accelerate weight loss. It’s not known yet how this phenomenon works, but it is clear that the protein (with only low-fat!) helps retain longer feeling of satiety.


Yes. A wide variety of spices in food accelerates metabolism. The more natural spices, the stronger the effect.

Gluten-free food

No. Removing gluten-based foods from your menu, such as various grains, the weight does not fall by itself. Thus, these menu changes are recommended only for people whose body can not tolerate gluten. In all other cases losing weight depends only on calorie intake.


Yes. Breakfast accelerates metabolism for the entire day and help prevent hunger attacks. People who eat breakfast are more likely to choose healthy products for lunch and dinner. The ideal formula for breakfast – lots of protein, little fat and some dietary fiber. For example, yogurt with berries and a pinch of cereal.


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