What will help to reduce your appetite?

What will help to reduce your appetite?

Modern dieticians share the same opinion: it is better to reduce food portions instead of having a strict diet. In the first case, you will avoid stress and the kilos that you will lose will not come back. But how to reduce the appetite and be satisfied with smaller portions?

Very recently, it was thought that aromas can make us eat more. However, recent studies show that in fact they can solve the problem of overeating. Dutch researchers found that good smell makes people eat slowly, in small bits. Therefore, the feeling of satiety comes quicker and you don’t overeat. Besides, pleasant smell makes our stomach produce gastric juices quicker and stimulates digestive process.

Nutritionists also recommend using natural spices and herbs. That also helps solving the problem of overeating.

We all know that the worst feeling of hunger comes when we work. By the end of the day we think that when we come back home, we will eat everything. However, eating at night is the worst that you can do. It is not only bad for your shape but also you don’t rest properly if your stomach if really full.

For this reason, you should think of some healthy snacks that you can have even at work. Nutritionists highly recommend eating almonds. They have low glycemic index which means that sugar level is rising and falling slowly. This provides you a feeling of satiety for longer.



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