What’s Human Growth Hormone?

What’s Human Growth Hormone?

Human Growth Hormone (also called as HGH) is a natural peptide hormone which is based on proteins. Secreted by the anterior pituitary gland in the brain, Human Growth Hormone enhances tissue growth, cell reproduction and regeneration, brain functions and even enzyme function, so it is responsible for our youth, vitality or energy. That’s why in most cases it is considered as the key hormone, able to control so many functions and reverse the effects of aging by 10-20 years.

Above all, Human Growth Hormone reduces body fat and highly improves metabolism processes in human’s body. According to one research, men without making any changes to their personal habits of eating, smoking or exercise, managed to get rid of 14% of their body fat with a help of HGH. It has been also noted that their skin became firmer and it was also noticed an increase of bone density.

Having been researched to be capable to control most of the functions of our organs and body functions, it starts decreasing when the person enters his 30 because pituitary gland slowly reduces the amount of growth hormone it produces. The amount of this hormone can be measured by levels of IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor). When this level decreases, aging processes start. This natural slowdown has initiated an interest of making synthetic Human Growth Hormone.

Keep in mind that synthetic Human Growth Hormone, which must be injected, is available only by prescription. In medicine, it is mostly prescribed for children and adults who have true growth hormone deficiency and growth disorders. Finally, we must say that the use of Human Growth Hormone must be limited. Though these injections look like one of the best ways to increase muscle mass, reduce the amount of body fat and become younger, healthy adults may not even receive these benefits and instead of that may receive some side effects, including swelling in the arms and legs, joint or muscle pain, enlargement of breast tissue (for men).


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