When you have a crazy appetite

When you have a crazy appetite

You have just had your lunch and you feel hungry again? You cannot spend an hour without snacking? That is a common situation nowadays but it can be solved easily if you follow these tips.

You should consume more:

1. Water. It’s a drink that easily tricks your stomach and brain. It has no calories and it does not create any desire to eat more, like many sweet drinks do. Water only creates a feeling of satiety.

2. Fruits. Fresh apples, pears, watermelons and other fruits not only cleanse and refresh your skin, but also provide a feeling of satiety. Fruits have little calories. Even if you choose something that has more calories, fruits have tons of benefits.

3. Chocolate. Choose dark chocolate that would have at least 70% of cocoa. This type of chocolate and a cup of green tea or coffee will help your brain to accept new information much easier and reduce your appetite.

You should consume less:

1. Dressings. They are full of unnecessary calories and additives that only irritate your stomach and cause intestinal diseases.

2. Salt. Salt is sometimes called a quick death. The more salt you eat the faster you start feeling unpleasant stomach cramps and even heart diseases.

3. Fat. Most of the food you eat should be steamed, boiled or stewed. Dishes that are fried in the oil can cause intestinal diseases and infections. Remember that some restaurants can even use the same oil to fry food for several times. Such oil is even more dangerous. If you eat lots of fat, you will definitely have high cholesterol level.


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