When you want something sweet, sour, spicy…

When you want something sweet, sour, spicy…

What to do when you cannot pass a shelf of chocolate or olives in the store? According to doctors, if we want some certain food really badly, it is very possible that our body has some disorders.

When you want fish or sea food. It means you have a lack of iodine. You can get iodine eating more fish. Bear in mind that seafood can cause allergies.

When you want something sweet. Body requires more glucose before some mental or nervous exhaustion, also if you are on a strict diet. The best way to fight a need of eating one kilogram of sugar is too eat some dark chocolate. Do not exaggerate. 30 grams are more than enough.

When you want dairy products. This can mean some gastrointestinal disease. Also, if you are stressed, your body may lack lactic acid and phosphorus. Choose low fat dairy products if you area afraid of gaining weight.

When you want something sour. You may be developing gastritis or your body needs more vitamin C. just make sure you don’t eat anything sour when your stomach is empty.

When you want salty or spicy food. The need for spicy food comes when our stomach digests food very slowly. Spicy food accelerates metabolism. Drink some mineral water to reduce the need of eating lots of spicy food.



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