White teeth and alcohol

White teeth and alcohol

If you are trying to keep your teeth white, you should pay attention to alcohol.

White and red wine contains acids that affect our teeth enamel and make them less resistant to coloring materials. In addition, toner pigments that can be also found in red wine finish their dirty work and color our teeth. That’s why you should always pay attention to additives when choosing the wine. Therefore, in order to neutralize acids’ effect for your teeth, serve some cheese as a snack next to it.

Alcohol removes not only vitamin A, all B vitamins, zinc, potassium, iron and magnesium from our body, but has also been found to eliminate the calcium which is required for our dental health. In addition, alcohol drinks also weaken our immune system and have a great impact on various parts of the body including tissues surrounding the teeth. This may lead you to parodontosis which, if you don’t take appropriate attention, can leave you without teeth.

In addition, alcohol has been found to replace the salivary and metabolic processes in human’s body which affects breathing freshness, not mentioning mouth breath which usually comes from the alcohol lovers.

If trying to have a beautiful smile, avoid sweet carbonated beverages because they are especialy harmful to the teeth: sugar leads the teeth to decay, dyes penetrate the tooth enamel, ethyl alcohol and acids have an unfavorable influence on the enamel and carbon dioxide washes calcium from the body. In addition, it is usually recommended to drink these drinks chilled what makes them even more damaging.

If we sum up all the factors listed, it becomes obvious that alcohol speeds up the formation of plaque, which can only be removed only at the dentist. Of course, modern dentists can correct everything, but it will cost a lot of money.


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