Why do we feel so tired in spring?

Why do we feel so tired in spring?

Even though the weather is getting better, sometimes poor health doesn’t allow enjoying it fully. When winter ends, many people start feeling anxious, week or they complain about the lack of energy. Usually, it is just a consequence of inappropriate life style, but sometimes that is how our body tries to warn about some illness. It is not really worth it taking medications straight way, sometimes just changing your diet, exercising and resting properly can do the miracle.

Nowadays many people stay inside for too long. Instead of having active spare time they choose watching TV or browsing the Internet. This makes people even more tired. Another thing that affect our health really badly is not making breaks at work. Don’t forget that you have a right to stand up and stay away from your computer in the office. If you cannot rest at night, you should visit your doctor and do a blood test.

In spring many of us do not get enough vitamins. Many of us go on diet in order to lose weight and get your body in shape. This leads to poor nutrition, skipping your meals and so on. You can start using synthetic vitamins, however, don’t forget that you can get all these vitamins drinking fresh juice and eating fruits and vegetables. Eat celery, carrots, beetroots, lemons, ginger, pears, pineapples, and apples. These fruits and vegetables will remove all toxins from your body. If you want to strengthen your immune system make juice from 3 oranges and mix it with some honey and ginger.

If you work a lot, make sure you exercise too. However, do not exaggerate. Physical activity is great but only if you do it in moderation. Especially if you move a lot at work or you have some thing to do in your summer house, remember that planting flowers, cutting the grass, etc. are all physical activities. Another important thing is proper spinal position. Try to keep your back straight all the time.



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