Why do we gain weight in winter?

Why do we gain weight in winter?

Dieticians have found that in the cold period of the year people gain about 2 – 4 kilos on the average. Such changes in the body depend not only on the physiological changes but on the psychological as well. If we translate the word ‘appetite’ from the Latin language, we will get the ‘desire’ and the ‘pleasure to eat’. Appetite may vary due to various reasons such as stress, illness, a large amount of activity and seasonal changes as well. That’s because summer sun gives us plenty of light, we become more relaxed and experience more positive emotions. According to the psychologists, these factors and possibility to spend more time outside make us emotionally and physically happier and fuller.

In the meanwhile, because of the weather in winter our body starts requiring more energy, happiness and mood-improving tools. One of such tools which works fast, powerfully improves mood and makes you feel even happier is food. Desire to eat at night can be explained psychologically: on a dark day people begin to feel lonely, they start suffering from sadness and increasingly visit their kitchen and look for something sweet, fat, etc.

Physiologically – our body temperature drops down on the cold season and, in order to maintain or increase it, the body tends to store more fat. This process is seen as protecting body’s functions against the cold. That is why the fall and winter lead us to more calories absorbed, which are often redundant. For avoiding overeating problem and the weight gain in winter, the most important rule you should follow is to stop eating 4 hours before your sleep. Besides, make sure you choose fruits for your dinner – according to the latest research, fruits send the fastest sense of fullness to the brain.


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