Why do we need detox?

Why do we need detox?

Detoxification or simply detox is a medical removal of toxic substances which is done by following special diets, doing bowel cleaning or other ways. According to the latest researches, eliminating toxins from the body is especially important because they powerfully affect our health and beauty. Toxins can also affect body’s immune system and initiate various chronic diseases.

According to experts, toxins initiate aging processes in human’s body. Though it’s difficult to see what’s going on inside the cells, there is one organ that immediately reveals the changes – it’s the skin. Because of toxin overload, our skin starts losing its elasticity and the ability to protect against environmental effects. In addition, toxins can also lead to cellulite because they affect our connective tissues. That’s because more and more girls start suffering from it at a very young age

Modern life may also lead us to psychological stress which disrupts our normal metabolism processes and leads to accumulation of toxins in the body. Constant stress crosses the endocrine system, thyroid and other organs and unbalances hormone system in our body.

Sceptics often claim that detox cleaning is useless, because our body has capabilities to clean by itself. However, that could be if we only eat green, unprocessed foods and live in a capsule. Unfortunately, modern human is taking lots of medicines, unnoticeably receives various preservatives and even hormones, pesticides or heavy metals. It is unlikely that nature has provided a mechanism to cope with such powerful chemical attack.


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