Why do you have headaches?

Why do you have headaches?

Each of us once in a while has experienced headache. Sometimes it seems that headache appears out of nowhere and doesn’t last long, but sometimes it doesn’t stop for quite a while. However, every headache has a reason and explanation. Pain can appear because of a spasm of blood vessels, but it can also show some serious health disorder. If you have headache regularly and it lasts for a long period, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Headache is related to irritation of sensory nerve receptors and all parts of skull can feel it. The most sensitive parts are archeries that are on the very surface, aponeurosis – layers of flat broad tendons, and occipital muscles. Sometimes the type of pain helps to determine the reason of it. If you feel a kind of pulsing it will probably mean that you have cardiovascular problems, if it’s burning – because your carnial nerves have been affected. This can be the first acute or early chronic disease symptom, so you cannot overlook it.

Frequent headaches are a signal sent by your body that something is wrong. If you start soling it on time, it will help you to avoid more serious complications.



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