Why is it dangerous to drink tea with milk?

Why is it dangerous to drink tea with milk?

Many years ago English found a way to drink tea from porcelain cups. They decided to add some milk to the black tea. Cold milk makes tea not so hot and you can enjoy the drink straight away. Actually, at first cold milk has to be poured into a cup and then hot tea is added. Some people even say that they decided to drink tea with milk only in order to protect beautiful porcelain cups.

Nowadays, nutritionists are against such mix of two beverages. Black tea with milk is good for women who breast-feed babies. Such drink can warm you up very well. However, you should know that it must be drunk in moderation as regular consumption of black tea with milk can be harmful to your health.

As you know, milk is rich in calcium. However, when milk is mixed with black tea, our body cannot absorb calcium properly. Eventually, this can lead do formation of blood clots. This may increase the risk of getting stroke.

More interesting fact. It turns out that you have to be careful drinking fresh juice too. Fresh juice increases blood sugar level. If you drink it too often, this can lead to diabetes. Nutritionists recommend drinking fresh juice in the morning or for lunch. Drinking it at night is not recommended at all.



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